David Howarth Massage Therapy in Gosforth

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Training and Experience

Tui Na Massage
From 2013 to present I have received high quality training and assessments from Tony Swanson(T.A.O.). Tony has extensive knowledge and skills which he originally learned from his lineage teachers several decades ago. I continue to train every year to further advanced levels.

During the 90s I received Tui Na training from the International Acupuncture Training Centre, Beijing and worked in one of the Dongzhimen Hospital day clinics. I also trained on a one to one basis with a professor from Hangzhou University. Other training was with Tony Swanson and Bruce Frantzis.

Qi Gong
Since the start of the 90s I have trained in Qi Gong with Tony Swanson, Bisong Guo, Bruce Frantzis and Ma Baoguo.
Tony Swanson became my main teacher soon after I met him. Eventually, when I realised the depth of his knowledge and practical skill I solely concentrated on this source of high quality.

I trained at an acupuncture college in the U.K. followed by training at the International Acupuncture Training Centre, Beijing (1996-7). I gained important experience in the Dongzhimen Hospital clinic of a ‘National Treasure of China’ and a stroke ward in a major Beijing hospital. In the UK my teachers were Prof. Yang Li (currently of Harley Street and Abingdon) and Dr. Bisong Guo.

T’ai Chi Chuan and Internal Style Kung Fu
I received my Dengchi (black jacket/belt) grades and instructor authorisation from Master Tony Swanson in 1995 (Li style Tai Chi with Qi Gong) and 1997 (Li style Kung Fu) respectively.
Master Ma Bao Guo graded me instructor grade in 2006 (Hunyuan style Tai Chi, lineage from Grandmaster Feng, with martial applications).

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